About me

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I’m 34 years now. Born in the Netherlands. Not married and living with my sweet boyfriend in the south of the Netherlands near Maastricht.
I love second life, not addicted  to it but I spend a lot of time hanging around and doing the things I like.
I started second life photography some years ago. First very simple but as time goes by I developed my own unique style.
So you can say I’m a self-made sl photographer.
I love to use shadows in my photo’s. I always try to capture my photo’s in a very high and detailed resolution.
Nowadays I’m doing a fashion blog, erotic photography and of course my super models project.
I do custom work photography, so if you want me to make a great profile photo or a naughty nude just send me a note inworld.
My rates: 
Single model: 
1000 L (retouching and adjusting in photoshop included)
Couple photo’s:
1500 L 
Erotic with me
2000 L
Posing for photograpers:
I’m available doing Model work free of charge but only for photographers with a flickr account.
I will not pose for porn photo’s. 


I love to model free of charge. That can be fashion or erotic nudes. No porn please
Keep in mind, I only pose for the best photographers. So be sure you have a flickr page so I can look at your work first.


I always had difficulties finding  good models for my projects. Its always hard to find the model you need for a project you’re working on, without any information.
So that brought me on the idea of Super-models. Second life best models all willing to pose for you.
Browse their profiles and find out if they match your desires. Contact them Inworld and make your amazing photo’s or movies.
Complaints about the model can be addressed to me at jodisharple@ziggo.nl

New models always welcome, but be sure you have a mesh face and body and a flickrpage
You can download the casting form on this website in the download section.


Any suggestions about improving my website : jodisharple@ziggo.nl

Jodi Sharple