Super Model Lanisonia

General information:
SL Name: (Lanisonia, display name is Sєνєяíηα )

Timezone: GMT, SL + 8 (UK)
Best time contacting: it honestly varies because of work but from 8 am SLT onwards

Mesh face brand(s): Catwa Head Catya
Mesh body (brands): Maitreya
Experience: Used to be a fashion model in an old account for
Dancer/model..:- Dazzlers
electric Vision
!…Vivace:…! Ultra Super Model
Evane Model at Mimmi Boa’s Model Academy
ev Super Model
Maniera student
Now an erotic adult model, dancer/Choreographer for Debauche Dance troupe

Flickr and/or blog page:
Detailed information:
Available for:
[x ] Fashion photography
[x] Nude photography (no porn)
[x ] Porn

Do you wear mesh genitals?
[x ] Yes
[ Vaw XTC Vagina inner only ]
Do you wear mesh nipples?
[ ] Yes
[ x ] No
As much as possible info about yourself:

First joined Secondlife way back in early 2007, since then for one reason or another i’m on my 4th account. Not a lover of having alts all my previous accounts have been deleted.
Severina foremost is a dancing Choreographer and co owner of Debauche. Also an erotic adult model and actress.
I really enjoy the life i’m living in Second Life with dancing and modeling being my main time consuming addiction which i love
Rates: I do not charge

Jodi Sharple

photographer, blogger, fashion addict

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