Super model Sasha J

General information:
SL Name:  Sasha (Sashshah Resident)

East Coast Australia SLT + 17 hours

Best time contacting:
I am online most days between the hours of 1am & 6am , plus various times on weekends. Regardless of this, all my offline messages go to my email.

Mesh face brand(s):
Catwa Catya(Bento)
Mesh body (brands):
Maitreya Lara

I have done one fashion shoot for Attention Magazine and Brit-X , as well as posing for a number of photographers of note in SL…eg Ali Lancrae, Moustique Heartsdale & Jodi Sharple.
I have also featured in a number of porn vids produced by Miss Emily and Isabelle Cheviot.

Flickr and/or blog page:

Detailed information:
Available for:
[x] Fashion photography
[x] Nude photography (no porn)
[x] Porn

Do you wear mesh genitals?
[x] Yes
[ ] No
If yes what brand:VAW

Do you wear mesh nipples?
[x] Yes
[ ] No
If yes what brand: VAW

As much as possible info about yourself:
I am an aussie, so I am pretty easy going with a sometimes interesting sense of humour.
I love modeling or “acting” in SL vids…call it my passion for exhibition.
I can be available any time within my usual range of hours, sometimes immediately, but usually a pre arrangement works best.

I do not charge

Jodi Sharple

photographer, blogger, fashion addict