Super model Jodi Sharple


General information:

SL Name:Jodi Sharple
Timezone: SLT +9
Best time contacting: Almost every day 9-12 am slt
Mesh face brand(s): Catwa, Lelutka
Mesh body (brands): Maitreya , Bellezza
As a model posed for several magazines, as a photographer, and fanatic fashion blogger
Flickr and/or blog page: and

Detailed information:
Available for:
[ x] Fashion photography
[x ] Nude photography (no porn)
[x] Porn

Do you wear mesh genitals?
[x ] Yes
[ ] No
If yes what brand: VAW

Do you wear mesh nipples?
[x ] Yes
[ ] No
If yes what brand: SV

As much as possible info about yourself:
As a photographer I like to improve my skills, and the best way you can learn is posing for other photographers, magazines etc.
I do this just for fun and I do hope you like all the hard work I did so so far

Depending on the photographer free of charge (please show me your flickr page first)


Jodi Sharple

photographer, blogger, fashion addict

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