Super model Jezzi Mornington

General information:
SL Name: Jezzi Mornington
Timezone: Australia East Coast
Best time contacting: 11am – 12.30pm SLT
Mesh face brand(s): No mesh face yet, waiting for Bento
Mesh body (brands): Maitreya
Experience: I’ve done some glamour and porn photoshoots, mainly taking my own photographs of myself as I don’t get asked to pose much.
Flickr and/or blog page:
Detailed information:
Available for:
[ x ] Fashion photography
[ x ] Nude photography (no porn)
[ x ] Porn

Do you wear mesh genitals?
[ x ] Yes
[ ] No
If yes what brand: VAW

Do you wear mesh nipples?
[ ] Yes
[ x ] No
If yes what brand:

As much as possible info about yourself:
I’m available to most kinds of photo shoots, movie shoots. I’m pretty friendly and easy to get along with and can usually drop whatever I’m doing to do modeling work.


Jodi Sharple

photographer, blogger, fashion addict

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