Super model Leanna Mai

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General information:
SL Name: leannamaisl in SL, or email is

Timezone: PST so same as SL
Best time contacting: Usually late mornings 10am-12pm SLT or late nights 10pm-1am,
Mesh face brand(s): Lelutka Stella
Mesh body (brands): Maitreya Lara which I pretty much one use now, but also have Slink Hourglass and VS Fusion Athlethic

Experience: : Have been modeling in both photos and videos for a few years now. After starting just as a model, began doing own photos and poses.

Flickr and/or blog page: :

Detailed information:
Available for:
[ x ] Fashion photography
[ x ] Nude photography (no porn)
[ x ] Porn

Do you wear mesh genitals?
[ ] Yes
[ x ] No – None at the moment with current Maitreya body
If yes what brand:

Do you wear mesh nipples?
[ ] Yes
[ x ] No
If yes what brand:

As much as possible info about yourself:
Always gone with a bit of a different look. More import and fitness model so basically asian american with some curves 😉 (like RL) Like related shoots and themes, like fitness and workout wear and apparel. Used to have a gym at a sim in SL that I built, but have not been on enough to set it up at a new location. Also car and motorcycle shoots, though for some reason I rarely do them.
Open to shoot normal SL photos, fashion, lifestyle, and more adult themes too.
Think I am getting pretty good with Anypose and doing own poses, but still working on getting better with lighting and editing the photos in GIMP or Photoshop. Mostly kinda click things until they look good to me., so still learning and practicing with each photo.
Hoping to start a blog soon beyond just my flickr, but not on enough to commit to it to do what I want.

Rates: Open to offers and willing to pose for great photographers and designers who want to test out outfits, looks and items.


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photographer, blogger, fashion addict

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