Super model Larah Sa’fir

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General information:
SL Name: Aicha Price , Larah Sa’fir ( inworld )
Timezone: SL +9 ( European )
Best time contacting: between 7am and 2pm SL time
Mesh face brand(s): Genesis
Mesh body (brands): Maitreya Lara ( main body – nude, fashion, video ) , Pixel Puss Warrior ( for nude shoots )
Experience: 50+ photo shoots for Marcus Strong, Ali Fox, HotRob Roxley, Marika Blaisdale ( Aroused ), JazmynCrystalStorm ( Playhouse ), Midnight Shinja, Laura Richards, Isa Cheviot (Dogstar Productions), Iris Okiddo, Paolo Julius, Robert Stein, ember Wulluf, Elroy Click, EllenSaint, Mera Firelyte, Carla Draesia, The Notorius B.E.N, Dre Bright, Scotty007, Sasquatch Rhino, TheTylerGreen ( CHUFF Magazine ), Paulus Portland, Partee Mytili ( for Dirty Princess Fashion ), Triz Trash, Larry Vinaver, Bane W. Caudeus
Video with Paolo Julius, Dillon Lecker

Flickr and/or blog page:

Detailed information:
Available for:
[ x ] Fashion photography
[ x] Nude photography (no porn)
[ x ] Porn

Do you wear mesh genitals?
[ x ] Yes
[ ] No
If yes what brand: VAW Vagina 2.8

Do you wear mesh nipples?
[ ] Yes
[ x] No
If yes what brand:

As much as possible info about yourself:
fun loving, easy going 40+ Bi, joined SL back in 2007, left in late 2010, reactivated my account again in June 2016 ( facing a lot of changes.. mesh, new viewer … ), started to pursue a “career” in SL porn ( partly also because of a shortage of clothes for the pixel puss body i had that time ), I like to pose and also take pictures of myself or others ..


Jodi Sharple

photographer, blogger, fashion addict

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